The CABCAA INSTITUTE is dedicated to the promotion and development of emotional intelligence in children, adolescents and adults

Sunshine and Rainbows

A Lifestyle Program for Years 1 - 3

Changing Tracks

A Program for 9 Year olds to Adulthood

Tracking Success

A Program for At-Risk Adolescents

Life Theatre

A Program for Difficult-to-Engage Adolescents

Sunshine and Rainbows is written by Perth psychologist and teacher, Jill Lawson, for use by teachers or other appropriate school staff. The class or group program promotes and develops the social, emotional and cognitive skills of children from five to nine years of age.

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The Changing Tracks Program consists of intervention strategies applicable to children from Year 4 (nine year olds) to adults. The programs are based on CABCAA, a cognitive behavioural model simplified to enable children as young as nine to understand how emotions affect cognition and cognition affects emotions and behaviour.

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Tracking Success for those adolescents who are experiencing depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem, poor self-image, lacking in confidence, difficulties concentrating, underachieving, poor social skills,  self-harming and/or in some way behaving inappropriately.

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 “Changing Tracks Through Life Theatre” was written for difficult to engage adolescents.  High risk adolescents are difficult to engage in any therapeutic program.

This Changing Tracks program is an attempt to engage this population through drama exercises that do not look like "therapy".

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